About us



... is the idea to find modern concepts and new answers for the challenges of the time.

We try to connect charme and technology and make it payable.

Originally engaged in restoration of ancient half timber frame buildings we developed more and more to a company committed in modernizing insulation and refurbishment of buildings - privat and commercial.

We search for sustainable solutions based on renewable primary products and modern building services. We create comprehensive solutions for existing buildings or new constructions, equal if you prefer modern architecture, half timber frame or framehouses rather you own an old building.

Solar collectors for domestic hot water and heating support, photovoltaic cells to generate electricity from the sun and timber as a construction material with amazing abilities. What counts for us is the use of safe and healthy materials in combination with clever integrated modern technology.

More than 20 years of experience in planning ans realizing of timber construction and technical solution is our contribution to find a concept for you.

We work with regenerative energy and renewable primary products.

Be part of solar solutions and sustainable architecture ...

- for yourself
- your loved ones
- your environment.