Refurbishment of buildings

Technical systems, as intelligent and efficient they are, can not be the only solution to safe energy and protect natural resources. This is a good the reason to take a view on comprehensive solutions. Technic and construction should complement one another.

A house from the sixties with a new garment

Refurbishment of Buildings
Solar collectors on the roof

This project is now energy - saving and completely refurbished with natural products and outfitted with a intelligent building equipment like flate -plate collectors, a pellet heating (an modern wood heating system) and heat recovery.

The plaster façade based on wood fibre plates and is insulated with cellulose.

The inside plaster is clay on wood fibre plates.

A charming house with more than 540m² space which uses less than 3500 l fuel a year.

The south gable with oak fin and huge window areas for passive solar thermal use.



Same business, same age - different solution

A house from the sixties
- with a new wood façade
- new windows
- solar collectors
-and insulation with cellulose.



Ecological insulation

Facade insulation based on wood fibre plates is active ecology with a lot of other advantages for you:

- a renewable primary product
- CO² neutral
- CO² storing ( 882mg/m³)
- high vapor diffusion avoids condensation and mould
- better acoustic insulation
- better sommerly heat insulation
- extremely resistent surface
- R 90 fire protection

We build your complete facade including replacing windows and incoming roofing work.